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. one man is dead after police fired 30 rounds in to a car. >> a quiet vigil in sack jose for a firefighter still fighting for his own life. and a grand celebration honoring the hometown little league team. >> this is ktvu channel 2news
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at five. >> good evening. >> i'm heather hoppings. we are learning new information tonight about the events that led police in vallejo to shoot and kill a man and injury another. we have been in vallejo talking to investigators who say the they thought the suspect had was a pellet gun. >> reporter: the families of both young men gathered here on the steps of the police department looking for answers about the officer involve shooting. vallejo police say it started at 4:30 when officers on patrol in a high crime gang neighborhood pulled up to two men in a car. family identified them. police say the officers aimed their light at the car, the officers say one of the men got out with what appeared to be a gun in his waistband. it was a pellet gun. >> if someone is reaching for what appears to be a gun to
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anybody that would be witnessing the situation then the appropriate response is to respond lethelayyy. >> reporter: mario romeo was killed. >> when i went to the window i saw him reclip his gun, hop onto hood and just start firing his arms is out the window. my brother is slumped in the car. >> reporter: crews took both men to area hospitals. >> they killed my son! they killed my son. ! >> the vallejo police department has killed my son. an innocent person sitting in the car. then they try to make it like it's a shoot out. it wasn't no shooto. the only shoot out was them shooting him. >> reporter: police say the other man in the car was hurt.
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both were on parole for weapons violations. both officers who fired are on paid leave. vallejo police and the solano da are investigating. >> we have more details on the series of police shootings in vallejo since pay 25th there have been four other shootings that killed suspects. in the most recent on july 4th police shot and killed a domestic violence suspect who was carrying a metallic wallet and not a gun. the city has cut the police force by a third since 2005. >> also police have arrested two men suspect of burglary while the resident was home. the woman hid in the bathroom after suspects kicked in the door. officers saw the suspects racing away and arrested them. they will an 18-year-old and 19- year-old, both of vallejo. police believe the pair
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committed several other burglars in the area. >> a motorcyclist was killed after a solo crash last night. it happened around 9:40. officers heard the accident and responded. the motorcyclist died at the scene. authorities haven't released his flame but say he was in his 30s movement a man in the hospital after driving his van off southbound highway 101 in san francisco. the van fell several feet and ended up in the caltrain yard. the vehicle as you can imagine had a lost damage. the police are investigating. the firefighter who had a massive heart attack on the jack is in critical but stable condition. hundreds of friends, family and firefighters holding a vigil at the hospital where is he in the icu. patty lee is live from san jose regional medical center where the mood is quiet. >> reporter: this prayer vigil ended a few moments ago but a small crowd is still around
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including members of frank ryan's station. you can see that many people here are disregular folksed area who say they watched this story develop from live coverage of a fire to the collapse of a firefighter on the scene. >> we are here for all public safety servants who put their lives on the line for us. . >> reporter: a growing crowd gathered around 4:00 but you can see it's mostly folks around san jose who wanted to pray for his recovery and the safety of all first responders. he was among 60 who battled this blaze in downtown last thursday. the crews were just getting it under control when ryan collapsed. we are told that his best friends are refusing to leave the icu where he is in stable and critical condition.
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we got a quick peek where you can see two backpacks and sleeping cots. >> they sleep here overnight just waiting for word that if there is any change and of course hopeful it'll be good news. they hope in the next 24 to 48 hours they will have more information from the considers. >> booze of the damage, services here were moved to churches and gyms around town. you can see friends are still here. they will hold watch over him. we will here from them and find how they are coping and standing vigil here. reporting live. patty lee. >> oakland firefighters made quick work of a fire ate motel. it start add round nine this
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morning on the 4800 block of mcarthur. investigators say a mattress caught fire possibly caused by cigarettes. nobody was hurt. creators of the fire storm memorial say vandals attacked. someone cut off metal bars. the officials say it's the third time vandals have hit it which honors the 25 who died in the east bay hills fire storm. the memorial is located at hillard and tunnel. investigators hope video will help them catch the vandals. >> right now the fog has returned but away from the coast boy things warmed up. let's check in with mark with a look at the temperatures. yeah. >> just a few niles inland lots of sun and temperatures soaring. here is the camera showing you this.
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you can see the evidence, clear sykes for most of the area. you can see closer to -- golden gate park. basically half of the park was sunny, other half covered overcast and that is the case right now. as far as the warm temperatures you can see right new in the lower 09's toward fairfield, concord, antioch and livermore. san jose not as warm but still nice. oakland at 71 and downtown san francisco in the mid60's. here is what's happened. the layer of hot air on top of us. as a result we have some very dense fog to the coast that. will be a concern in the short term for tonight and early tomorrow morning. here is the cloud forecast model. lue notice tomorrow morning some of the fog mainly just coast side away from this. mostly clear skies inland and temperatures, has been cold to start out the day. a repeat performance first thing tomorrow morning. the readings in the mid40s in
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the north bay to the low to mid50s in san jose. here is the forecast, we take this into tomorrow for labor day. downtown around 70 degrees. look what happens as you head inland. temperature sensor going up and the warmest locations little warmer than today. that means a few neighborhoods approaching the mid-90s. when the warming trend ends and highlight the coolest day of the workweek. >> there was great weather in the north bay and that's good because thousands of people lined the streets to say congratulations to the hometown team. the nationals finished third in the world at the little league world series and today the boy has their own ticker tape parade. we are live . >> reporter: they were just overwhelmed and you can see science of congratulations all over town like this one that says the boys you made us
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proud. estimated 15,000 it celebrating the third place finish in the little league world series. this is just, i just love the area so much. best town in the world. >> overwhelmed. this is amazing. amazing. really great. >> reporter: they turned out from the area and beyond. >> we are a little league family from the area and count be prouder. they know all the players. >> i want to say congratulations to the team. >> incredible. i have never seen so many people on this street. >> reporter: players and coaches waved from classic cars as people along the parade route cheered. >> didn't think that many would turn out and we started rolling through the area, the crowds just kept getting bigger. you know we just started getting socked up and it was unbelievable. good thing i had sun glassed on because i teared up. >> reporter: for the coach the
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whirlwind experience was made more special with his son on the team. >> words can't explain it. i just can't explain it. proud of him. proud of all of them. it's -- what a ride. >> reporter: logan douglas shared the appreciation. >> thank you. that's all i'm saying. that was great. one common sentiment we heard watching their run here in the north bay all the way to williamsport pennsylvania is that this goes to show what hard work can do. live, ktvu channel 2news. >> we have posted the flag show the parade. just log onto the website and click on the photographs tab. >> fun celebration and so well deserved. caltrans construction crews on schedule to complete the work on the dunbarton bridge by tuesday this is new video, that shows crews welding part of a framework before installing new steel plates. those plates will make up the new joint in the bridge which
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is supposed to give the bridge more flexibility in case of a major quake. since it closed friday night crews have been work around the clock preparing to install that new joint. >> all of this time we have been doing the prep work, like painting your house, getting ready to put the paint down. now we are installing the plates. >> now as of this afternoon, ten of the 12 plate that make up the joints, they have now been installed. once that work is done caltrans will need to repave the area so that the new joint is unseen to drives. a -- the northern detour will take you to san mateo. the southern detour takes you to san jose and across highway 237. that bridge is scheduled to reopen tuesday at five. huge fire wreaks out in oregon. where and what firefighters say added fuel to the blaze. >> protesters targeting north carolina. ahead of the democratic
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national convention. who was demonstrating today and how charlotte is getting ready for the event. ist and its been a personality mostly in western states, now it's expanding.
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. early morning hotel fire in portland oregon required more than 200 to gain control. investigators say the empty hotel was begazed for storage and the old furniture and mattresses inside added fuel to the flames. not clear how the fire started. it's expected to smolder for days. interstate five was shut down because debris was landing on it. in news the obama campaign is a ceusing republicans of lying about the president's record during the gop convention. >> they blamed the president for not -- for closing an auto plant in wisconsin that closed under president bush. they blamed him for cutting
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medicare when paul ryan included those same savings in his budget. the president put the money back into medicare but ryan used for tax cuts for the rich. >> the romney campaign described romney's convention speech as a home run. he said the speech was meant to introduce romney to millions of voter who hadn't seen him until he took the stage. >> charlotte north carolina is getting ready for this week's democratic national convention. the president is previewing his speech during campaign stops ahead of the turn at the podium on thursday. craig boswell has the latest. >> democrats, delegates and journeyists come in for the national convention. the president barely won north carolina in 2008 and is looking to keep it in the win this time aroundt. kicks off just days after romney addressed a short republican convention, short because of isaac. during a stop today the president told a crowd in colorado that his policies will keep america moving forward.
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>> despite all the challenge we face in this new century, what they offered over those three days, was an aagain abettor suit for the last century. it was a rerun. >> reporter: romney maintains the president's policies have left the country worse something the president disagrees with. >> we know we aren't going to be better off if we strip away protections to make sure you have health care when you get sick. >> reporter: security teams are busy setting up a series of roadblocks and fences around its city and some have put those measures to the test. protesters gathered today for the moran wall street. that's not slowing down the work inside time warner cabla rene a. crews putting the final touches on the stage. the home of the first two days of the convention. they will accept their party's nomination thursday at bank of america stadium. bill clinton will speak
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wednesday night. in charlotte. craig boswell. >> other speakers the first lady and the san antonio mayor. as we reported, the former president bill clinton will speak on wednesday and thursday. it'll be obama and joe biden. many women are on the list of speakers including high ranking names from california. among them nancy pelosi and barbara lee. carolyn kennedy, and the president of the planned parenthood action fund. our live coverage starts tonight at ten. ken pritchett will bring us live reports charlotte through thursday. >> a new mobile job resource is helping military veterans get back in to the work force. the hero to hire website helps veterans narrow down employment
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searches. officials are visiting 200 cities across the nation with the mobile job truck. tomorrow and tuesday organizers will bring their job trucks to travis air force base. they will set up at air force support center from two to six tomorrow and then again from ten to four on tuesday. the popular see's candy company getting ready to expand in the east. they got its start in loss in 1921 and has long been a favorite of westenners with the sweet tooth. warren buffet bought it in the early 70's and now managers have plans to launch an expangs that could reach as far as florida and washington dc. buffet is said to be a big fan, particularly the chocolate pops. >> a travel consultant taking deposits for flights in to space. they are taking bookings on behalf of a company in southern california trying to build a passenger carrying spaceship. the company said it'll take a
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20,000-dollar deposit to get a spot on board the one passenger, one pilot rocket plane. you will need 9 5,000 dollars to make that flight. they could start as early as next year. >> the death toll is going up as residents come up to seat damage done by isaac. >> the controversial reverand moon has died. >> activists target a bay area hospital. hear why they say child birth in the united states is all wrong. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. clean up underway in the wake of hurricane isaac as the death toll rices and crews rescue those trapped by the floodwaters. >> need a hammer to break the window. >> officials in the city of braceway say the bodies avenue of a man and woman were found bringing the death toll to five. many evacuated their homes and are just now returning to assess the damage. >> part of living onto river you will live in the river eventually. >> we are watching the water go down and trying to get back in and save whatever we can. >> shows remain at shelters or with friends and relatives. the president is scheduled to tour it tomorrow. >> united nations officials
5:24 pm
said 1600 were killed in sierra in the past week. international efforts to find a solution are floundering. nick robertson. >> reporter: one of the biggest incidents appears to be in hama province. 35 people were reportedly killed, we can't verify that but there appears to be a number of fuels going on in that village. they say resulting the attack. . the state news agency said the government armed forces put down a group of terrorists, killed a number of them. they -- we are seeing conflicting accounts of what happened. the villagerring says they were civilians, the government saying they were terrorists. the government reporting an explosion, two of them in the center of damascus. two ied's went off outside a military headquarters, four people were wounded in that
5:25 pm
attack. you can see the smoke rising in the aftermath of that in the center. that important -- to maintain a sense of security and stability inside the capitol. a lot of attacks in and around the suburbs, we have seen that before. shelling in some areas, the death toll there relatively high compared to what we have seen. the rebels saying they -- in the north and west. rebels say they are fighting to take control of an air base. throughout the country the death toll just continues to rise. nick robertson. turkey. >> other news of the world the man who founded a global religious movement died today. the reverand moon seen here shocked some by holding mass wedding ceremonies with couples that had never met before.
5:26 pm
some accused him of being a cult that brainwashed members. the church spokesman said the 92-year-old died at a church owned hospital, two weeks after being admitted. in libya officials say a bomb exploded in a vehicle killing an intelligence officer and injuring another. it's not clear if that bomb was attached to the vehicle or thrown at it. both officers have served under gadhafi. it was the latest attack against security officials. china heavy rain continues to fall in the southwestern part of that nation. as much as 14 inches of rain fell in some areas. the water has flooded the homeos and more than 60,000 people closed roads and washed out bridges. >> the united states military temporarily suspending its program to train afghanistan police. insurgents have attacked american instructors, at least five were killed last month. the united states said it needs
5:27 pm
time to vet recruits. only local police training suspended. 350,000 soldiers not affected. a fatal shooting last night at 53ered. the victim was a 29-year-old lorenzo ward. there were three other shootings last night . none of them were thought to have suffered life life threatening injuries. at a taco bell last night at 23rd and barrett a victim was a mail and the -- shooting was the result of a family dispute. >> napa state hospital set to change the way guards watch patients and staff. according to the register starting friday hospital officials plan to close four
5:28 pm
kiosks. in exchange they will establish a patrol plan where guards will rotate between other station, the plan was spelled out in a letter from the office of labor relations earlier this month. activist who want to improve maternity care are sponsoring a big rally tomorrow in berkeley. the organization improving birth said there are to many c sections and to many babies born early by induced labor and practices should be based only on research. it also said that while the united states spend -- is number 49 in maternal deaths in the world. a bay area school district takes on teen date dating abuse. and tens of thousands come out for the pride festival. the key difference some say marks this year's celebration. >> and a program is expanding to more bay area high schools. the key skills the tutors hope
5:29 pm
to improve. >> and a lot more than just baseball at today's a's game. the amount of money raised at breast cancer awareness day. true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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. water shot in to the sky in oakland. a wrong way driver ran a red light and took out that hide rant. it happened around 2:30. several were hurt but are expected to be okay. >> thousands turned out for today's third yearly oakland pride event. an was there and explains why organizers are already calling the event a success.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: it was a day to dress up and get down, a day to show off your pride. this is a day of acceptance. go bet wild. >> reporter: the theme of this event is a celebration. organizers say they are cheering everything from the repeal of don't ask don't tell to the president's stance supporting guay marriage. >> there is no generation that can say they have seen so much growth and i think that's something to celebrate. >> reporter: oakland pride is in its third year and continues to throw. last year's attendance was around 35,000. so, it's retained the charm of a community festival. >> atmosphere is very different. just -- it's smaller, more community bases, you get to know the people and vendors. >> bigger than just lbgt, it's the oakland culture. >> reporter: it had a community
5:33 pm
health pavilion to a children's play area. organizers say its one of the most diverse pride celebrations in the country. >> we can be ourselves and make connections with people we usually don't see. >> we want to celebrate, such a wonderful day to be free. >> reporter: if the pride can generate enough revenue sponsors and volunteers they would like to expand. maybe including a parade next year. in oakland. >> drunk driving arrest -- death that is, are up for the holiday weekend this year while checkpoint arrests are down. 892 arrests reported statewide from 6:00 p.m. friday night to saturday morning. that's down from the same period last year but fatal accidents up. 11 people have been killed. last year there were ten . heavy fog may have been a factor in a crash in sonoma early this morning.
5:34 pm
just before 5:30 the chp got a report that a vehicle hit a power pole near doyle road. pg&e was called out to deal with the power lines. nobody was hurt. >> protesters planning a rally outside the chevron refinery in richmond tomorrow morning. the protesters accuse the oil giant of polluting the air from the bay area to the amazon. they want company executives prosecuted for the fire. they say they will demand the company run it under labor and community control. >> the fremont school district plans to focus on teen dating abuse. the board voted in july to proclaim next february dating violence awareness month. it's one of four school districts in the state to officially say teen dating violence is a major issue. according to studies 10% of students have been hit or abused by their dating partner. 20% of teen girls who experience dating violence don't attend school because they don't feel safe and more than 70% reported their partner
5:35 pm
spread rumors about them by cell phone or on social immediatey. >> a program aimed to improve writing critical thinking will expand to richmond. the coordinator of the program said the school has recruited 90 volunteers with more expected. concerned parents and experienced coaches from other schools have signed up. if the program works it could go to jfk. the a's help race awareness and a lot of money for breast cancer. more than 500 survivors formed a human ribbon on the field during a pregame ceremony. that was followed by the release of several white doves. a 53,000-dollar check was presented to the american cancer society. the cancer prevention
5:36 pm
institute. the a's also donated 5,000 dollars to the friends of faith organization in memory of a long time reporter. >> this weekend was a hard one for military families in san diego. they said good-bye to loved one who went to the persian gulf. the united states is remaining aware in light of iran's nuclear program. >> >> reporter: she will be gone for eight months, one of 350 deployed, the air craft carrier from washington state is going. its part of the military's plan to keep two ships in the gulf. . >> this is part of what we have been training to do. >> the importancer importance is under scored by the escalating tensions between israel and iran. the 567-foot mobile bay ise equipped to handle just about everything. it's a guided missile cruiser
5:37 pm
armed with two helicopters on board for the mission. still that's cold comfort to their little one. the site the ship leaving drew tears of sadness. >> . family support is the best i have ever seen. you everybody shown up. it's an early departure but the families are part of this crew. >> reporter: this sailor's firstborn will be 6 months old when he comes back. >> sad. it's hard for him know that he is leaving me here. >> that was chris murphy reporting. this weekend the israel prime minister urged worm powers to set a clear line to stop iran creating nuclear weapons. >> all right.
5:38 pm
dozens of people get really creative at the beach. just how much sand was used to create these very elaborat, sand castles. >> and mark will have the labor day forecast.
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
. building sand castles very serious business this week in san diego. the united states sand castle challenge and 3d art show has brought some of the most esteemed builders to the shore. they are competing for to thousand dollars in prize money. 300-tons of sand was brought in for the big contest. thrill seekers take note. the final day of the hurricane roller coaster is set to thrill. officials say the ride will be
5:41 pm
taken down and shipped to new mexico. the hurricane was put in 1992. a new roller coaster will take its place. >> i saw that one in animation and it's cool. let's check on the weather. how was it? >> santa cruz, fog nearby with temperatures in the mild side and tomorrow we will warm it up. not only for that but for a good portion of the bay area. right now we have mostly clear skies, you can see the live camera, but -- always a but. we have fog near parts of the shoreline. dense fog keeping the visibilities on the low side. also up the coast for half moon bay, pacifica, san francisco around the golden gate bridge. plenty of sun. temperatures warm up rapidly. highs from this afternoon. around 60 in pacifica, most
5:42 pm
areas warmed up. san jose topped out 85 and 90's toward fairfield, antioch and livermore. we have this, mostly clear sykes, labor day, call it hot inland and then the extended we introduce more fog and partly cloudy conditions. here is the fog signature you can pick out south of point reyess. that's the cut off point. we have the warm numbers inland. the temperatures around 90, 93 degrees. the theme today warming up away from the coastline as we head into labor day high pressure continues to strength strengthen and dense fog. northerly breeze developing now. we may mix out some of the fog as we head into labor day and we will still have warm numbers inland. warmer than today. 93 to 94 degrees. here is the forecast model showing you this and patchy dense fog. up in the north day, i saw this swerve -- a few patches
5:43 pm
tomorrow and then clearing skies, we could still have a leftover patch or two, fog near parts of the shoreline. especially south of the golden gate bridge. i'm expect that cloud deck to break up more. lots of sun inland, 80's to 90s and quite a few degrees for labor day. two baseball games, the a's playing the angels. the giants playing the diamondbacks. temperatures in the 70's. the art festival. morning fopping. mostly sunny into afternoon and temperatures in the lower 07's. here is a look at the forecast highs. few 90 toward antioch and brentwood. these temperatures will check in about three or four tomorrow afternoon. san jose 86 and also fremont around 84, san francisco look at this, lower 70's in redwood. 84, web watch out for dense
5:44 pm
fog. first thing tomorrow morning for half moon bay and pacifica. temperatures little cooler into tuesday and then bring in cooling, also a few high clouds for tuesday night and wednesday heather and john we will have to keep it on the fog. the immediate coast, could be one of those deal was a big drop off. >> yeah. >> all right mark. thank you. >> sonoma authorities are warning people for the second time act a large wild cat. residents reported what they thought was a mountain lion from beneath the deck. authorities say the description sounds more like a bobcat. it's the second sighting though in the last few days. bobcats are twice the size of domestic cats and are not usually a threat to humans but residents should keep pets insecure places.
5:45 pm
>> it's still in full swing. this is the weekend to go greek on the peninsula. the 42nd greek festival is underway at the church of the holy cross. there is plenty of greek food and dancing, music during the event along with a fun zone for kids and a white elephant room for shoppers. >> also that great festival taking place this weekend that you may want to check out. the box office is looking a little more like halloween instead of labor day this weekend. the possession is about a young girl ear yard sale purchase of a mysterious box and that box contains several evils. also scoring high, the bootlegging western, lawless coming in at number two followed by the exopinionables two and the born leg and i 5th, paranorman. >> giants go for the series
5:46 pm
win as they face the cubs. >> and could the a's win their 9th game in a row? sportsnet is coming up next. send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. good evening. welcome to this early sunday night edition of sport wrap. the a's were hanging around the american league wild card race. they have now won nine in a row and have no doubt gained the attention of the rangers. the a's paying tribute to breast cancer awareness, throwing for a three game sweep of boston.
5:49 pm
oakland jumped on daisuke after crisp walked, smith got his 13th home run of the year. you get sunflower seeds thrown on you by inge. a's pick the long wall in the second. this time it's drew taking him deep. drew's first home run in a oakland uniform. he also gets the seeds. he had three hits on the bay and a pair of rbis. this scored smith and the two run third after four the a's had a 6-0 lead. this was anderson's third start since returning from surgery. he is now 3-0. this is the only run he allowed, cody ross with the single to left. that scores pedro but here comes the through to north. cuts down scott -- red sox added one more run. times good as the folks who brought their brooms got to show anymore. the a's with their 9 in the a row since returning surgery anderson has given them a big
5:50 pm
lift. only allowing two earned runs. >> you have to be confident and i know if i was healthy or -- close to where i was back -- sometimes in 2009 and 2010 i would have success. i will take it and lopefully i can continue. >> just give us three game was that and the size the games and coming into -- the middle of the season -- not just pitching games and getting ready for next year. pitching key games and doing well. it's all impressive. >> pretty good story for the rangers. ian the late scratch replaced which a 19-year-old. this is his first major league at bat. he is just the third teen in ml history to homer in his first platance. they maintain their three game lead over oakland. the giants continue to be in a position where all they have to do is worry about themselves. take care of your own business and you don't have worry what
5:51 pm
the dodgers do. fans in support of the horse, matt cane who got the start and the teammates got him a 3-0 lead. posey opposite field against woods for the giant's second streak two out hit. pagan, cane looked to be on his way but the cubs have four runs on him in the 5th. blast by soriano, a three run homer that made it over the fence, even ono a day when the wind was blowing in. giants battle back to tie with two in the 6th after two out pinch hitter, belt with a drive to left, comes away from soriano. nadi come around to score. belt goes to third with a triple. he later scores the tying run on the wild pitch. it stayed 5-5 until the 9th. then carlos, pagan took it back up the middle. pinch runner hesitated then came around to slide home with the lead run. the giants added one more for insurance. this time scutaro who take
5:52 pm
itself up the middle and brings crawford home. giants back in front with the two run 9th and go onto way . the giants finish a six game road trip by going five and one. the dodgers in the 9th in danger of falling another game back. gonzalez to the plate with two on against jj put. he finds the right field corner. ellis from second. victorino digging hard from first. throw to the plate. not in time. victorino slides in with the running run. the two run double giving them a 5-4 walkoff win. keeping them with in four and a half games of the giants, arizona tomorrow. it was tight after two rounds in golf's classic in massachusetts before louis separated himself from the field today. good day for a red sox fan to take in a golf tournament. tiger with in two strokes of the lead when the day started. in route to a 68. he is now six strokes back.
5:53 pm
johnson shot himself into final day contention with a 65, johnson on the 13th with an approach that will go up nicely to the hole. set him up for birdie. johnson tied with woods, 13 under parr for the tournament. second round leader rory from the fairway on the second hole. sets up the birdie as well after successive 65's he shot a 67 today but lost ground. that's because he was on fire with an eight under parr round of 64. he fired out of chute with a 29 on the front nine that included seven straight birdies, that was one on number six. here is another one on number nine. that's a 29 opponent the front nine. had never previously been done. 19 under parr total. in front of him by four
5:54 pm
strokes, into tomorrow's final round. still to come, a nice sentimental story developing in the united states open tennis camp. we will have that and drivers got a thrill ride in the grande prix. q
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ancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it.
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is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . andy rodtick will retire and is trying to go out in style. his wife is in the house as her husband took on fabio of italy. he is in the far court. he has him on the run but watch the effort, to then go between his legs and return the ball. roddick dumped the shot and win the point. a moment of i make the shot of my life and you still put me away with a cherry pick? won the first two and then dropped the third. match point now. roddick finishes. he make itself into the 4th round and has one more to go
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before calling done. novak also in action. that's him in the near court. winning in straight sets, also advancing today were the 4th and 7th seemed the women are in action tonight. the most exotic race cars in belgium today. things dicey from the start. they are trying to take the first turn, four drivers get tangled up and they aren't supposed to leave the ground. guy who helicoptering off the course after he cut off hamilton and then landed on points leader alonzo. here is our look from his cockpit. you try to stay out of trouble and the car falls out of the sky. four finished without completing a lap. buton able to go to the win. his second of the season. alonzo didn't finish a lap but retains the points lead. you know the 2012 version of
5:58 pm
the ntl season starts on wednesday. that's it for this early edition of sports wrap. >> play some football. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news. >> we are at the dunbarton bridge. we will talk to caltrans about meeting the tuesday morning deadline. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> one more quick check of your forecast. >> patchy fog tomorrow morning, little warmer. >> sounds good. thank you. remember we are always here for you online at and mobile ktvu. see you back here tonight at ten.
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